As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, the Board of Directors would like to assure you that the Association  and Management are following recommendations from public health officials and other governmental authorities. The  Board of Directors is opening the tennis court facilities for use by Residents but reserves the right to close the facilities  if the Board determines, in its sole discretion, that such closure is necessary or appropriate. These rules supersede  all current rules and guidelines associated with the tennis court facilities until further notice. Until further notice, the  following rules and regulations relating to the use of the tennis court facilities now apply to help protect the health and  safety of Residents: 

1) Hours of Operation: 8:30 am – 11:00 pm EDT. 

2) Use of the tennis court facilities is AT YOUR OWN RISK, including the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus COVID-19 or other diseases and illnesses.  

3) Only residents of Water’s Edge in good standing (“Residents”) and Non-residents on WE Teams and visiting   Members in scheduled team match play, may use tennis court facilities.  

4) Residents who currently have the Coronavirus – COVID-19 or are experiencing common symptoms of  Coronavirus – COVID-19 including, without limitation, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and other flu like/cold-like symptoms are not permitted to use the tennis court facilities. 

5) Tennis court usage is restricted to singles and doubles play only (i.e., no groups of more than 4 per court). 6) At no time may there be more than 50 people or the inability to maintain (6) feet of social distancing. 

7) Use of the tennis courts is limited to 120 minutes of playing time per pair of players when all courts are in use.  Players may exceed 120 minutes if another court is available, or if no one is waiting to use a court. 

8) Additional persons, such as family members or other players, may not be present on the court or in the tennis court facility area while not actively participating.  

9) Players must always observe social distancing measures during play. Specifically, players should maintain six  (6) feet of distance from one another during change overs. At no time should players shake hands, or otherwise make physical contact with one another.  

10) Players should limit their touching of fencing, doors, and tennis court facility equipment.  

11) Players should utilize new tennis balls for each session of play. The tennis balls should be properly sanitized or  disposed of following each session of play.  

12) Players should wash hands before play. If possible, all players should utilize disinfectant and/or hand sanitizer  before and after touching fencing, doors, and tennis court facility equipment. 

13) Residents should comply with social distancing guidelines when entering and exiting the tennis court facilities.  14) Masks are MANDATORY when not on court playing tennis. 

Thank you for your cooperation.